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Fixed Price Packaged Solution

With any of our Fixed Price Oracle Packaged Solutions below you can benefit from SoftArt’s vast experience in providing assistance remotely for Database installation/Upgrades, Backup & Recovery Strategies, Setting up High Availability systems, Performance Analysis/Tuning. This way you can have our services for very specific needs like Installing RAC or EBS installation, Health checkup, etc.

Database, CRS, ASM Installation & Upgrades

We frequently do installations and upgrades of Databases across UNIX, Linux and Windows Platforms. SoftArt takes a methodical and conservative approach to ensure that we take our clients through this process smoothly. The know-how to provide testing, planning, and validating is critical in getting through these processes smoothly. Whether it is Installation & Creation of a Database OR upgrading a from prior release like 10g to 11g, OR moving a database from traditional Filesystem to Automatic Storage Management (ASM), SoftArt’s highly experienced Administrators/DBA can get it done for you.

Backup and Recovery Strategies:

Data is the most critical aspect of any business and needs to be protected but protecting data alone won’t cut it when you are not able to access it in timely fashion. We at SoftArt have ensured that our clients never go through this issue. To ensure high availability systems we develop Backup & Recovery strategies and also audit to avoid data loss as much as possible. Backups can be as easy as cold backup on Disks or can be as comprehensive that involves RMAN backups from Snapshots from a RAC or DataGuard highly available databases going to Virtual Drives or Tapes integrated with MML like EMC’s Networker, or Veritas Netbackup. SoftArt’s Administrators have strong experience and broad knowledge base to design and implement such solutions.

High Availability Systems:

Business operations can be critically affected by loss of IT services, including:

  • Business interruption
  • Hardware failures
  • Error messages
  • Transaction Loss
  • Delays affecting customers, suppliers and employees

Oracle MAA (Maximum Availability Architecture) is Oracle's best practices blueprint based on proven high availability and recommendations. The goal of MAA is to achieve the optimal high availability architecture at the lowest cost and complexity. MAA best practices span across Oracle Database, Oracle Application Server, Oracle Applications and Grid Control.

Oracle RAC (Real application clustering):

Providing Oracle MAA (Maximum Availability Architecture) we have implemented RAC successfully in 10g/11g Databases. This technology provides stability and high availability and is being widely adopted with recent versions.

Oracle RAC databases can be used as a platform to provide scalability and high availability for Oracle databases, and this technology is being widely adopted as recent versions have demonstrated that Oracle delivers on these promises. SoftArt has experience in implementing RAC not only on standalone databases but also did successful migration of Oracle EBS Applications R12 of around 1TB to RAC.

Oracle Data Guard:

Formerly known as Standby Database in previous versions, Data Guard provides a rolling copy of your production database. The standby database is started in read-only mode, constantly receiving change data, sent over from the production database, keeping it always in sync at all times, and at most only a few minutes behind. Were the production server to fail, that server could take over in less than the time the DNS change or IP swap would take. What's more the standby copy can be at another datacenter, or on another country.

SoftArt’s expert team has strong experience in implementing Data Guard from scratch or migrate existing databases to Data Guard.

Health Check & Performance Tuning:

When you have a performance issue or a database problem that is impacting your users, it is never more important to have experience on your side. That's where our many years of experience have succeeded in problem-solving and bringing our clients through a tough database issue. Our Oracle tuning experts can diagnose Oracle products and can quickly locate and relieve performance bottlenecks. Our Health check deep dive diagnosis ranges from Databases to Application Server/Fusion Products. We specialize in monitoring and tuning all eBusiness Suite releases and Oracle databases including RAC and Oracle Application Servers. SoftArt is expert at Oracle instance tuning, SQL tuning and server-side tuning for Oracle.

We work quickly and efficiently to get you results fast. Generally, it takes from a few hours to a few days to diagnose and correct most performance problems. Following a set of best practices based on years of Oracle performance tuning and troubleshooting experience, we begin by developing an understanding of your needs and system issues. We then identify performance bottlenecks and wasted resources and recommend changes to improve performance. These recommendations are tested and a deployment plan is developed. Changes are implemented, and we work with you to monitor performance gains and continue to tune until your scalability and performance goals are met.

Architecture Design:

A good database is more than just a good logical design, it also requires an optimized architecture of your hardware for maximum results. Throughout the design and architecture phase we work with senior management and your development team to produce three things:

  1. A road map of what the physical systems are going to be;
  2. A specification of what technologies are going to be leveraged (Oracle, its features and add-ons like OIM, SSO, JDBC Drivers, application layer specifications, etc.); and
  3. Strategies, Technologies to assist in Business Continuity

Development Support:

SoftArt will work with your development team to ensure the code and queries accessing the database are well-written and scalable. We also have extensive knowledge of code that lies within the database, such as PL/SQL and often assist our clients in writing this or provide these database development services as a complement to our DBA services.

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  • SoftArt provides 24x7x365 proactive system and network monitoring so we can start fixing an issue before your team may be aware there is one.

  • SoftArt has its own dedicated team of database administrators to execute the work - what that means is high availability for your infrastructure stack around the clock, with trained personnel to handle all kinds service requests as well as other queries and issues.