Want To Simplify Your Oracle EBS Security And Compliance?

As an enterprise that uses the Oracle E-Business Suite, maintaining your security and compliance is no small task. Oracle EBS is a complex system, and your Segregation of Duty ruleset can be just as complicated.

Many organizations like yours opt to have their Oracle EBS security and compliance handled by an internal team in order to mitigate a number of challenges:

  • Preventing Financial Fraud

    Unidentified loopholes that exist in data security measures can result in system-based financial fraud.

  • Detecting Security Violations

    SoD violations and fraudulent practices can quickly lead to financial loss for the organization.

  • Integrating Applications

    Each and every application you use (as well as those connected to your Oracle EBS via third parties) need to be integrated properly.

  • Preventing Improper Access

    Employee access provisioning often lacks the necessary accuracy to make sure that only those with the need and authority have the appropriate access.

  • Managing Access Lifecycle

    Enterprises often have difficulty in analyzing capabilities that include access violations, as well as monitoring controls.

That’s a lot for one team to manage consistently, and that’s not to mention how expensive it can be for you to hire, manage, and compensate such a team.

The point is, haven’t you ever wondered if there were a better way to handle it all?

Oracle Security & Oracle Compliance

Introducing Sentri Security Solution for Oracle EBS

Sentri for Oracle EBS is powered with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning capabilities, all of which allow it to monitor your SoD ruleset and detect violations with a high degree of accuracy. Instead of relying on an expensive, likely inconsistent internal team to manage your security and compliance, you can have Sentri do it for you.

Managing your daily tasks (access requests, access certifications, task delegation), Sentri for Oracle EBS reduces the delay in completing these tasks, upholds your SoD ruleset, and mitigates the risk of violations and further consequences of non-compliance.

Key features of Sentri for Oracle EBS include:

  • SoD Monitoring

    Sentri keeps an eye on the entire platform, detecting conflict access as it occurs, all at the privileges level.

  • Access Violation Manager

    Based on the “Outlier Detection” technique, Sentri monitors for and analyzes unusual business transactions that may violate your SoD.

  • Access Provisioning and De-Provisioning

    Sentri offers a series of tried and tested workflows that automatically manage access rights from beginning to end, with no need for direct oversight.

  • Self-Service Access Request

    Another feature that reduces the need for user oversight, Sentri lets users request modifications to their identity attributes, eliminating outdated hard-copy or email-based request processes.

  • Access Certification

    Sentri upholds your security policies throughout the platform, making audits and compliance efforts an automated, efficient process.

Why Should You Use Sentri for Oracle EBS Security and Compliance?

Due to its many features and powerful AI-based design, Sentri for Oracle EBS delivers a number of key benefits:

  • Reduce Your Security & Compliance Costs

    A key benefit of any automated solution is that it removes the need for user oversight. Instead of having to pay an employee or team of employees to oversee your security and compliance, Sentri will handle it all for you.

  • Maintain Security & Compliance

    Sentri follows strict security and compliance policies, eliminating the guesswork and assumptions that often come with having staff members manage them. An automated, AI-powered system is simply better equipped to detect and address violations that occur on the platform.

  • Eliminate Delays & User Obstacles

    Sentri’s automated capabilities eliminate many otherwise manual processes, like when a user needs to modify their identity attributes. This saves time and makes for a more convenient user experience throughout your organization.

Interested in seeing what Sentri for Oracle EBS will do for you?

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