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Enterprise IT Decision Makers Demand More From Oracle


Enterprise IT Decision Makers Demand More From Oracle

Enterprise IT Decision Makers & Oracle

The name Oracle is synonymous with many business solutions but is known to introduce added complexity for IT professionals. See how decision-makers are shifting their focus toward success.  

After several seasons of waiting to see what will happen in the ever-changing enterprise software space, large corporations are finding themselves at the end of their on-premise software lifecycle and ready to make a shift. Unfortunately, that could include a significant price tag for companies that will need a great deal of migration support, but it provides a real opportunity for change with this shift. Oracle is one of the key vendors that is repositioned as an influencer in the world of cloud-based business applications, but IT decision-makers are often wary of bringing a platform onboard that is known for a high level of complexity. Aligning their software and hardware decisions with cybersecurity is a critical requirement for success in the mind of more than 60% of today’s IT decision makers (ITDMs), with 46% of these individuals noting that Oracle platforms are notorious for the difficulty of completing security upgrades. As Oracle executives focus on the cloud to drive growth in the future, ITDMs need to know that there are support options available that can help them maintain a high degree of security in the future.

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Introducing Oracle as the Replacement for Aging Systems

Oracle’s cloud-based business applications are proving to be a compelling option for organizations that are moving from platforms such as SAPs HANA. With Oracle able to provide robust solutions that support much of an organization’s business infrastructure, they are able to offer new customers a near-irresistible alternative to introducing multiple platforms. Finding a single solution that is well-tailored to utilizing the same comprehensive database creates a powerful impetus for corporations that are already in the mode to make a change. Notes Oracle’s CEO Mark Hurd: “When the ERP buyer and the HCM buyer are aligned and combined, they are really in a position with no chance, because they don’t have much of a real financials product,” he said. “I know they hype it and they talk about it and all that, but at the end of the day, they’re just not competitive.”

Is Oracle Gaining Market Share in Cloud Business Applications?

It’s no secret that Oracle has been struggling in recent years as its cloud-based applications attempted to gain a foothold in the market dominated by SAP, Epicor, and Microsoft — to name a few. Oracle’s human capital management (HCM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are well-known but have often been installed on-premise and may not have been upgraded due to complexities associated with the interconnected nature of other systems. This can cause technology teams to balance on the fine point of a pen, swaying back and forth between timely patching and updates and the potential of a serious malfunction of their entire enterprise systems due to a bug introduced during an upgrade. A shift to cloud-based Oracle solutions may provide a more fluid option for applying necessary security updates.

While Oracle’s communications team claims that they have “leaped to the pole position” in terms of cloud applications, IT decision-makers are still quoting significant challenges with complexity and upgrades. Creating a secure environment requires constant vigilance and a unified commitment to excellence from partners and internal IT staff alike. See how the professionals at SoftArt Solutions can leverage over 15 years of experience supporting enterprise Oracle-based solutions to understand and support the unique needs of your business. Contact our team of Oracle experts at 866-477-4435 for more information or schedule your complimentary initial consultation online with our quick form.

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