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Every minute in business is crucial and every stage is important, which is why we ensure that we complete the project at hand and deliver more than just expected. With our adept expertise and ERP in project completion we ensure that nothing is left halfway

We analyze your organization's needs, align resources with goals, and implement strategies that maximize productivity and cost-effectiveness.

By streamlining workflows, allocating resources effectively, and embracing agile practices, we help you achieve operational excellence. Elevate your business with our Rescue and Recovery Management services and experience enhanced efficiency, minimized waste, and accelerated growth.

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Our Recovery Strategies

We understand that data loss can lead to significant setbacks, both operationally and financially. Our approach involves a comprehensive assessment of your data environment, tailored backup solutions, redundancy measures, and efficient recovery protocols.



Scheduled backups of critical data to external servers, tapes, or cloud storage to ensure data availability even in case of system failures or disasters.


and Replication

Creating duplicate copies of data on separate storage systems or locations to ensure data availability and minimize downtime.



Capturing point-in-time images of data and systems, allowing for quick restoration to a specific state in case of errors.


Continuous Data
Protection (CDP)

Real-time replication of data changes to a remote location, ensuring minimal data loss and quick recovery.



Storing critical data in offline, secure locations to protect against cyber threats like ransomware.



Moving less frequently accessed data to secondary storage, freeing up primary storage and simplifying recovery processes.



Running applications and systems on virtual machines, enabling quick restoration by deploying these virtualized environments.


Tested Disaster
Recovery Plans

Regularly testing and updating comprehensive disaster recovery plans to ensure all team members are familiar with procedures and processes.



Encrypting sensitive data to protect it from unauthorized access in case of breaches.


Hybrid Cloud

Combining on-premises and cloud-based solutions for a flexible and resilient data recovery strategy.


Disaster Recovery
Planning For Businesses

The rescue & recovery experts at SoftArt collaborate closely to design comprehensive strategies that encompass prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery. By assessing vulnerabilities, defining roles, establishing communication protocols, and testing scenarios, we ensure your business remains resilient.

Embrace the security of a well-prepared business with our Disaster Recovery Planning services, and fortify your foundation for success.

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Why Choose Softart
For Rescue & Recovery?

Cost Efficient

Through our partners and offshore resources, SoftArt is able to offer 24x7x365 support at record-low costs unlike our competitors, SoftArt can develop flexible pricing or fixed pricing dependent on the needs of our client as it is able to work alongside budgetary restrictions.

SaaS Solutions

SoftArt has developed a low-cost yet highly functional tool to monitor, manage, and provide analytics for your entire enterprise under one centralized dashboard in real time.

Talented Team

We only employ and partner with certified Experts & Professionals as we uphold our Gold Standard. Each prospective employee and partner is vigorously examined in terms of communication, competency, and core values to match our uncompromised work.

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Frequently asked questions

Rescue and recovery management management involves optimizing the allocation of assets, personnel, and technology to enhance efficiency and achieve strategic goals.

The duration of a rescue and recovery operation varies based on factors like the type of incident, the scope of data loss, preparedness, available resources, and external conditions. It can range from hours for minor issues to days or even weeks for major disasters.

Rescue and recovery are essential when your project is compromised half way due to various reasons. It ensures the protection of critical data and minimizes downtime, enabling your business to resume operations swiftly in critical situations.

Various types of data, including documents, databases, applications, and configurations, can be recovered through appropriate strategies and tools.

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