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ERP Recovery Services
for Businesses

In business, each moment matters, and every phase is critical. That's why we specialize in ensuring project completion and exceeding expectations. Our expertise lies in ERP Recovery Services, stepping in when systems fail or implementations encounter challenges, ensuring nothing remains unfinished.

We meticulously assess your organization's needs, address unresolved issues, concerns, and requirements to facilitate a smooth transition.

In addition to the information provided by any previous vendor regarding the implementation, SoftArt performs an in-depth review and test of the current setup based on the process area. Our experts identify the issue of incorrectly set up Accounts and Master Data for ERP Recovery Services.

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Our Recovery Strategies

Successful disaster recovery planning requires a holistic approach, including comprehensive risk assessment, regular testing and updates, adequate investment in technology and resources, and a culture that values preparedness.
Failed implementations often occur due to shortcomings in one or more of these critical areas, highlighting the need for a well-rounded and committed approach to ensure business resilience. Here is how we do it.


and Analysis

Evaluate the reasons for the failure. Conduct a thorough analysis of what went wrong—was it due to planning, execution, technical issues, or a combination? This assessment sets the stage for corrective action.



Involve the previous vendors who have worked on the previous setups and get all the master data of the ERP. Ensure open communication to understand perspectives and gather insights that might have been missed earlier.


Critical Problems

Prioritize critical issues that need immediate attention. Focus on areas impacting business operations, data integrity, or functionality. Find out what configurations are needed to employ the same.



Allocate necessary resources, including skilled personnel, technology, and finances, to support the recovery plan. Ensure that there's sufficient support and expertise available to address the identified issues.


and Test

Reconfigure the ERP system based on the revised plan. Conduct rigorous testing to validate changes, ensuring they address previous failures and align with business requirements.


Training and
Change Management

Provide comprehensive training to users and stakeholders affected by the ERP changes. Emphasize the importance of the changes and address any resistance through effective change management strategies.


and Monitoring

Execute the recovery plan in phases or as a whole, depending on the scope. Monitor closely to ensure that the changes are yielding the expected results and make necessary adjustments along the way.


How ERP Recovery Services
Works For Businesses

The rescue & recovery experts at SoftArt collaborate closely with you and the vendors to understand the shortcoming of the previous project and design comprehensive strategies that encompass assessment, analysis, response, and recovery. By assessing vulnerabilities, defining roles, establishing configuration, implementation, and finally testing, we ensure your business remains resilient.

Embrace the expertise of a well-prepared business with our ERP Recovery Services, and fortify your foundation for success.

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Why Choose SoftArt
For Rescue & Recovery?

Cost Efficient

Through our partners and offshore resources, SoftArt is able to offer 24x7x365 support at record-low costs unlike our competitors, we can develop flexible pricing or fixed pricing dependent on the needs of our client as it is able to work alongside budgetary restrictions.

SaaS Solutions

SoftArt has developed a low-cost yet highly functional tool to monitor, manage, and provide analytics for your entire enterprise under one centralized dashboard in real time.

Talented Team

We only employ and partner with certified Experts & Professionals as we uphold our Gold Standard. Each prospective employee and partner is vigorously examined in terms of communication, competency, and core values to match our uncompromised work.

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Frequently asked questions

The duration of a rescue and recovery operation varies based on factors like the type of incident, the scope of data loss, preparedness, available resources, and external conditions. It can range from hours for minor issues to days or even weeks for major disasters.

Rescue and recovery are essential when your project is compromised half way due to various reasons. It ensures the protection of critical data and minimizes downtime, enabling your business to resume operations swiftly in critical situations.

Various types of data, including documents, databases, applications, and configurations, can be recovered through appropriate strategies and tools.

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