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6 Reasons to Outsource Your Oracle Administration Duties


6 Reasons to Outsource Your Oracle Administration Duties

Reasons to Outsource Your Administration Duties

Many companies wonder if they should hire in-house or look to an outside firm. Here are the reasons to outsource Oracle database administration duties versus hiring a DBA.  

Today’s technology can get complicated. For many companies, this often means having dozens or hundreds of databases that need monitoring, security, and more. While it might be tempting to hire a specialized team member to handle these tasks, there is an alternative option—hiring an outside provider.

Not sure why this would be so beneficial? Here are six reasons to outsource Oracle database administration duties versus hiring a DBA.

#1: Additional Knowledge and Expertise

Perhaps the most important reason to outsource your Oracle database administration is the additional knowledge and expertise you gain by hiring someone outside your firm. Individuals who work in this capacity make it their mission to know about every change or development in the field. In the end, this means that you are getting someone who is very in tune with the industry versus someone who only pays attention to what is happening with your particular database.

#2: Reduced Staffing Costs

One key reason to outsource this part of your business is to reduce overall staffing costs. Most Oracle database administration firms cost less to work with than hiring a dedicated DBA.

Furthermore, there’s no need to provide benefits, pay for overtime, or keep them on the payroll during times when they aren’t needed. This is an especially great benefit to small or mid-size firms who need to trim payroll costs.

#3: Increased Overall Productivity

An increase in overall productivity is another excellent reason to outsource your database duties. Instead of allocating an employee to handle your database tasks, that person can focus on the areas that they are better at. Increased productivity is one of the key reasons why companies hire outside firms instead of hiring an internal DBA.

#4: Lower Risk of Attrition

Possibly one of the most overlooked reasons to outsource your Oracle needs is a lower risk of attrition. Internal DBAs often start to stagnate and don’t learn new skills when they are stuck with a single company. This often leads to leaving from one firm to another, which can be a massive issue in terms of attrition. By working with an outside firm, you don’t have to worry about this being an issue.

#5: More Time to Focus on Business Issues

Another key reason to outsource your database administration duties is that doing so gives you more time to focus on other areas of your business. Instead of worrying about what is going on with your systems, you can rest assured that everything is handled with the utmost care.

#6: Support 24/7 for Your Needs

When you work with an outside firm, you also get an additional benefit—24/7 support for your database needs. This means that if there’s an incident on a weekend or holiday, there’s no need to call in an employee or pay overtime wages. Instead, you simply call your database administrator to handle the issue.

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