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Move to the Oracle Cloud — Free of Worries


Move to the Oracle Cloud — Free of Worries

Oracle Offers Hybrid Tools, Services for Easy Move to the Cloud

Oracle helps ease the transition to the cloud with hybrid services and technologies for businesses to migrate applications, critical data, and infrastructure.

For many businesses, a move to the cloud happens gradually. Oracle technologies and services help organizations migrate successfully by incorporating a hybrid-cloud methodology that eases the transition. What should you know about migrating your data, applications, and infrastructure to the cloud, and what tools does Oracle provide to assist you?

Understanding the Reasons for Migrating to the Oracle Cloud

Organizations choose to migrate to the cloud for a variety of reasons. In some cases, companies may lack the significant financial resources required to invest in IT infrastructure and choose a cloud model as a simpler and less costly option. By delivering services via the cloud, companies can allocate costs as part of ongoing operational budgets rather than one-time capital expenditures.

Computing via cloud also offers flexibility, allowing team members to access apps and data remotely and via nearly any connected device. The speed of deploying cloud-based services also enables organizations to adjust strategies quickly to meet changing customer needs.

Cloud implementations provide businesses with a common platform for fast, simple deployment of a variety of applications, management options, and types of data. As needed, cloud computing also offers organizations the ability to scale up or down as needed — without acquiring costly IT infrastructure.

Selecting the Right Oracle Cloud Support Provider

If your organization is planning a cloud transition, you’ll face some decision points when it comes to choosing a provider. For most businesses, a successful cloud strategy means an enhanced value that a comprehensive technology solution can deliver.

Your cloud provider should have a thorough understanding of the challenges your business faces — and the technological expertise to create a cloud implementation that includes the right infrastructure and applications to help your organization thrive.

A capable cloud provider can help you reduce your ongoing maintenance expenses by migrating all of your applications — and managing your new usage scenario with modern processes. While many providers can set up cloud infrastructure, they may lack the tools and skills to support integrated services and applications fully.

Before choosing a cloud provider, consider whether the organization understands the challenges inherent in running your vital systems and applications, and take a look at the provider’s history of reliability.

Estimating Costs

Moving your organization’s applications to the cloud may require significant alterations — not just to the applications themselves, but also to databases, documents, and adjacent tools. Such a move can result in unforeseen complexity and skyrocketing costs.

By working with the right cloud provider, you can develop an effective strategy for your move in advance, which can help keep costs in check and make use of previous IT investments when possible.

To help businesses develop a practical path for cloud migration, Oracle has created a Value Navigator that allows you to calculate potential benefits quickly. The calculator can aid you in estimating the current costs of your Oracle Database deployments along with comparing your current setup to similar functionality on Oracle Database Cloud.

Estimating the costs of a move to the cloud can prove challenging. A skilled cloud provider can assist you in determining the resources you’ll require to meet your company’s needs with a cloud deployment.

Using Oracle Tools for a Seamless Migration

Oracle offers services and technologies to help organizations successfully transition to the cloud. Recognizing that complex migrations don’t happen overnight, Oracle incorporates a hybrid-cloud strategy — with offerings like IaaS, DaaS, and SaaS using the same standards and tools, whether on-site or in a cloud deployment. With critical applications and technologies offered seamlessly in both environments, organizations can benefit from a simplified move of their infrastructure, data, and applications.

Also, Oracle eases the cloud transition with its Oracle Universal Credit Pricing program, which offers access to current and future Oracle services under one contract. The Bring Your Own License program also provides the opportunity to transfer on-site software licenses to cloud equivalents quickly.

As you begin the process of transitioning your organization to the cloud, Oracle tools and services can provide a cost-effective, hybrid model to make a move as painless as possible. New Jersey-based Oracle consulting company SoftArt Solutions can assist you as you build your cloud deployment. For more information, please contact us.

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