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Oracle Database Administration <br />Washington DC

Top Five Reasons Why You Need to Hire an Oracle Database Expert In Washington DC

Why should you hire a consulting company to help with database administration? Here are the top five reasons why you need to hire an Oracle database expert in Washington DC.  

For most small or mid-size companies, outsourcing Oracle database administration just makes good business sense. After all, why spend money hiring someone in-house when you have the option of working with a professional as needed? Here are the top five reasons why you need to hire an Oracle database expert.

#1: Cost Savings Over Hiring an In-House DBA

Why outsource Oracle database administration duties versus hiring an in-house DBA? The most important reason is cost savings. Think about this for a moment. Instead of having to hire an expert, pay them for forty hours of work a week, and then provide benefits, you can simply have an outsourced provider ready for as much or as little as you need them. In many cases, this just makes the most sense.

#2: Access to a Professional When You Need Them

There’s no convenient time to have a computer or IT problem. For most businesses, system downtime equates to a loss of money, which isn’t good for anyone. By working with an outside Oracle database expert, you can rest assured that you have access to an on-call professional when you need them. Plus, if it is a major issue, they have likely already experienced a related problem in the past and can get your system running again as smoothly as possible.

#3: No Need to Stay Current on Training

Training staff is usually difficult in even the simplest of circumstances. Instead of allowing them to focus on the job they normally do, they’re forced to take time off and sit in a classroom or complete modules to learn the latest tips and tricks. When you hire an Oracle consultant, there is none of this. The expert you hire prides themselves on being up to date with the latest information and your employees don’t have to sit through another day or week of training. It is a win-win situation for all!

#4: Oracle Consultants Have Great Contacts with Support

Another reason to hire an outside Oracle expert is that they have great contacts with the official support team. Instead of guessing who you’re supposed to call when there’s a major issue with your database, your dedicated consultant has the contacts available from prior experience to help get the issue resolved as soon as possible. In certain circumstances, this can equate to a significantly less period of downtime and help keep issues to a bare minimum.

#5: Hiring an Oracle Consulting Company Based in the United States Helps Protect Your Data

This is in a way a side note, but we are specifically talking about hiring an American company for your Oracle database needs. Companies that provide Oracle database administration in the United States must uphold all legal privacy guidelines. Those that operate offshore or outsource do not, which can create conflicts if your company deals with certain sensitive information. Hiring a trusted consultant is paramount to protecting your business and your data.

Oracle Database Support In Washington DC

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