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How Can You Ensure a Successful Oracle ERP Cloud Migration?


How Can You Ensure a Successful Oracle ERP Cloud Migration?

Choose Expert Oracle Consultants for Your Oracle ERP Cloud Migration

At SoftArt Solutions, an experienced team of Oracle consultants is ready to help you take your data and Oracle ERP applications to the cloud.

Working with an Oracle consulting firm, such as SoftArt Solutions, provides a ready resource for all your Oracle cloud implementation questions and concerns. Oracle is a great Enterprise Resource Planning tool that can help your company integrate all your departments in a single system that meets your corporate needs. However, it can be daunting without subject matter experts to help you navigate the diverse interfaces.

How Can SoftArt Solutions Help Your Oracle ERP Migration Go Smoothly?

Just like many ERP implementations, Oracle Cloud ERP migrations to the cloud can be complex and intense. The cloud services are still relatively new and the Oracle ERP cloud offering is still in its infancy. While it’s a great product, there’s a lack of existing customer references. In order to avoid pitfalls, therefore, you need the guidance of a team who’s overseen many other migrations. Oracle implementation success requires adherence to simple best practices, and an experienced talent tool, such as that available via SoftArt, can easily achieve that.

What Are the Top Tips for a Successful Implementation?

Oracle Cloud ERP is extremely flexible. You have a lot of choices in how you set up your system. This can become overwhelming. Oracle’s Fusion middleware facilitates the integration of other Oracle technology and other systems. Its flex fields streamline business intelligence.

This flexibility is a beautiful thing once your business grows and you are able to scale with it. But it’s a liability if you wish to standardize your operations. It’s a good idea to use caution before modifying your business processes. Customization and integration should be left for legacy systems, as required.

  • Develop Cloud ERP quality assurances and project governance. Project governance ensures a successful implementation. It’s essential in large, complex organizations where tracking changes becomes difficult. A solid governance framework keeps your project on track so that you can finish on time and within budget. Quality assurance mitigates risks and allows you to track and resolve problems prior to implementation. The best QA plans look at data, project management, change management and other areas. SoftArt experts guide you through the planning and tracking of each phase of the implementation.
  • Invest in change management tools. Oracle Cloud ERP is easier to implement than on-premise solutions. However, it’s still a steep learning curve for employee’s trying to learn the tool while maintaining their normal duties. As part of the change management process, you have to identify the processes that need to be redefined so that employees can adjust their workflow accordingly. A robust change management plan is crucial to a successful migration to cloud technology. SoftArt Solutions can provide independent change management resources to oversee this process for you.
  • Understand how Oracle ERP Cloud compares to JD Edwards and other solutions. You need to know the exact functionality offered by Oracle and its major competitors. That’s that best practices solution to matching the needs of your business with the best ERP. Be prepared to leverage legacy applications that aren’t yet available on the cloud. SoftArt Solutions can help you determine if an Oracle ERP cloud migration will net the results that you want or whether additional changes are required.

How Can SoftArt Solutions Help?

At SoftArt Solutions, an experienced team of Oracle consultants is ready to help you take your data and Oracle ERP applications to the cloud. Don’t leave the success of your implementation to internal resources just learning cloud technology. We can help you map out your migration, prepare your workforce and make a smooth transition to the savings and flexibility waiting for you in the cloud.

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