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Oracle ERP Cloud vs. Oracle NetSuite


Oracle ERP Cloud vs. Oracle NetSuite

The Great Debate: Which Is Better Oracle ERP Cloud vs. Oracle NetSuite?

SoftArt Solutions has experience with Oracle ERP Cloud and NetSuite. We can help you make the right decision about Oracle in the manufacturing industry.  

Oracle In the manufacturing industry involves two distinct platform choices. looking for a comprehensive ERP solution. Oracle ERP is the company’s flagship offering used to integrate business processes across financial, operational and human resource departments. SoftArt Solutions supports the implementation and maintenance of both of these tools. Let’s take a look at some of the differences between them.

What Is the Difference Between Oracle ERP Cloud vs Oracle NetSuite?

Users leverage NetSuite ERP’s core platform and can add functionality for tailored processes and ease of use. However, like any system handling large data volumes, there are limitations in applying customized processing instructions.

Oracle ERP gives you real-time operational views and facilitates the use of a shared services model. It’s also known for smooth patches and upgrades. However, it has a complex interface with limited ability for clients to add screens.

Is ERP on Netsuite the Best for Oracle in the Manufacturing Industry?

Oracle ERP Cloud is not a Software as a Service and doesn’t have multi-tenant services. This makes it more flexible in terms of changing the out-of-the-box product. Also, there’s an advantage to having your own instance of the software instead of sharing it with thousands of other companies.

Oracle ERP Cloud has more robust integrator tools, which make it the right pick for complex organizations where an off-the-shelf product won’t work. You can heavily customize ERP.

Oracle ERP Cloud vs Oracle NetSuite: Which Has Better Scalability?

In terms of the number of transactions, both of these products can handle large volumes well. If you’re defining scalability as consistency in the business process, then standardization is important. NetSuite is better for this since it uses SaaS cloud model in a multi-tenant environment.

What About Functional and Technical Capability?

The winner here is NetSuite, which originated as a SaaS and has a more mature, established presence in the cloud.

Which One Is Easier to Use?

If your priority is consistency and user-friendly experience, then NetSuite is the best choice. Since you’re basically sharing the software with other clients, there’s not much room for customization. If your users want more flexibility in the way they enter data, Oracle ERP will serve them better. Ask yourself how easy it will be for employees to use and how big of a change this will be before deciding on one of these products.

Which Is Easier to Adopt: Oracle ERP Cloud vs. Oracle NetSuite?

The adaptability depends on how easy it is to get help with implementations, and that depends on how many organizations are using the software. Oracle NetSuite has more users because it started out targeting the SMB market and there are simply more of them. Fortune 1000 companies lean toward Oracle ERP Cloud for its flexibility and robustness.

What About the Breadth of Capability?

If you are part of a large multi-national corporation, Oracle ERP Cloud provides the capability needed to customize the tool for your needs. If your company is less mature and values standardized operations, NetSuite has repeatable processes you need for consistent operations.

What Are the System Integrator Options?

The system integrator options rely on the quality and robustness of resources. NetSuite has a disadvantage due to its less robust ecosystem. This is gradually changing since Oracle acquired the company in 2016. However, ERP has many partners and robust implementation support around the world.

SoftArt Solutions consultants can help you evaluate where your company is at and which of these tools meets your needs. Contact us today to schedule an evaluation of your current environment and with any questions you may have. We are a proud Oracle partner, and this is a major focus area for us. We have experience with Oracle ERP Cloud and NetSuite and can help you make the right decision about Oracle in the manufacturing industry.

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