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What Are the Root Causes of Oracle ERP Failures?


What Are the Root Causes of Oracle ERP Failures?

Ensuring a Successful Oracle ERP Launch

You don’t always need a huge solution for your Oracle implementation. Sometimes, Working with SoftArt helps you avoid the major pitfalls of ERP rollouts.  

Many of the system failures stem from hoaxes and beliefs propagated by big vendors. The truth is you don’t always need a huge solution when it comes to implementing Oracle at your company. Sometimes, working with an IT consulting firm, such as SoftArt Solutions, can help you avoid the major pitfalls of ERP rollouts.

Let’s look at the connection between ERP failures and hoaxes in the industry.

What Are the Main Factors Feeding ERP Failures?

A number of factors can contribute to the success or failure of an ERP implementation. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Resistance to change
  • Failure to streamline business processes — resulting in over customization of the ERP software
  • Lack of clear requirements
  • Slow decision-making that holds up the implementation
  • Broken ERP software due to customizations or programming issues
  • Unrealistic expectations

These symptoms are the actual root causes of ERP implementation failures.

How Can This Be Fixed?

Solid information and true understanding can help you overcome these obstacles to implement a successful ERP that helps your company make a true digital transformation. Communication is important among the decisionmakers at your company, and it’s just as important to make sure your Oracle IT consultants are on the same page as you.

SoftArt experts evaluate your current system and give you the information you need for transparency and accountability. Avoid consultants who can’t explain technical information to you plainly, because they tend to take over your implementation.

What Are Additional Ways to Ensure Clear Understanding?

The following tips ensure that you go into your implementation with your eyes open:

  • Forget about industry trends. Do the right thing for your organization. It’s great to have your finger on the pulse of the industry and SoftArt experts can give you a panoramic view of what they’ve seen in your industry. However, generalities cloaked as best practices can cause confusion and distract you from what you set out to accomplish in the first place. You may need to evaluate the source of the information, weigh it against the needs of the company and come to a conclusion that works for you.
  • Don’t limit your options. With cloud technology the going theme, you may be told to abandon all on-premise systems are dead or that it makes more sense to buy all your tools from the same vendor. At SoftArt, we listen to what you have to say. If you have critical legacy systems that you don’t want in the cloud yet, we won’t push you to go faster than you’re comfortable with. We also consider all your operations and create a tiered implementation plan if that works best for your organization. Just because we are primarily an Oracle shop, that won’t prevent us from recommending tools from other vendors if that fits your infrastructure better.
  • Manage your systems integrator. Hiring third party systems integrators should give you more control not less. Vet Oracle IT consulting firms thoroughly to ensure that transparency and accountability coupled with fiscal responsibility give you the results you need.

How Should You Manage Change?

There will be times when things aren’t going well. This requires the flexibility to pivot focus where it’s needed the most. You may find that your internal resources are no longer a good fit or don’t accept your vision of the future. This may mean shifting people around or bringing in new resources. The same goes for your internal or external systems integrator. The last thing you need is someone who wants to argue with you. Anyone who isn’t on board with making the changes works needs to stay out of the way or go.

This may seem harsh, but if you’re the one responsible for getting the ERP system online, the success or failure of the project falls on your shoulders.

Why Should You Choose SoftArt Solutions?

As independent ERP consultants, the technologists at SoftArt are committed to finding the right technology for your firm. For many companies, the Oracle ERP fills that need. However, our vested interest lies in finding the right ERP for your business operations. Our Oracle consultants have broad experience with many ERPs and tools. Let us help you determine the one that fits in best with your goals.

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