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Enterprise-Grade Security from Oracle’s New Key Vault 18.2


Enterprise-Grade Security from Oracle’s New Key Vault 18.2

Enterprise-Grade Security from Oracle’s New Key Vault 18.2

Centralized storage of encryption and other security solutions has never been more convenient than with Oracle’s upgraded Key Vault 18.2.

Managing a range of secure solutions has become increasingly complex in recent years, particularly as various solutions require added levels of security to meet stringent compliance and data security standards. With Oracle’s latest upgrade to their Key Vault, you gain access to a centralized location to maintain and manage Oracle Advanced Security Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) master keys, Java Keystores, credential files, Oracle Wallets and more. The enterprise-grade security that has been baked into the 18.2 version of Oracle’s Key Vault allows for high-availability environments, browser-based access management and allows an unprecedented level of access control policies related to server endpoints and secrets. Oracle engineers have increased their focus on making Oracle more approachable in a move to simplify security requirements and help organizations without on-staff experts take full advantage of the advanced security tools available from the robust Oracle platforms.

Secure, Available and Scalable Security Appliance for Oracle

With $6 trillion in damages from data breaches and other incidents estimated for 2021, cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly critical way to protect your organization from authorized data access and entry. This means that IT-based security incidents will account for more damages to individuals and organizations than natural disasters and even exceeds the global volume of illegal drugs — effectively making cybersecurity one of the biggest threats facing your enterprise. Even so, only a small percentage of cybercrimes are actually reported, a fact which means the $6 trillion in damages may be dramatically underreported. This shocking IT security epidemic has caused industry leaders such as Oracle to look for new ways to secure information, such as their latest Key Vault 18.2 which is being touted as extremely secure and scalable while allowing configurations for a high-availability environment.

Consolidating Security and Infrastructure “Secrets”

When you consider all of the various areas where SSH keys, Java Keystores and Oracle Wallets of information are being stored throughout your network, it can be a rude awakening for business and technology leaders. As systems grow and evolve, it’s not unusual to find that these critical infrastructure “secrets” are being stored and distributed without the level of structure necessary to maintain exceptional security and compliance. With Oracle Key Vault 18.2, you can quickly and conveniently store this information securely in a master repository that also helps protect your overall network by limiting access of endpoints to no more than the information they require to perform their primary tasks. By segregating endpoints — one of the known weakest components of your network security — Oracle has created a system that has lessened the likelihood of a catastrophic attack. Lost or corrupted files can quickly be retrieved or replaced without causing additional issues throughout the network.

Active Management and Access Point Reporting

Understanding how and when access keys are being activated is a critical factor for tracking any weaknesses in your cybersecurity posture. With Oracle Key Vault 18.2, you can provision server endpoints and also gain a holistic view of key groups and key usage. Administrative functions are more easily handled through a direct command-line interface and RESTful interfaces can be engaged for on-premise or cloud-based deployments. In addition, Key Vault now includes options that allow for segregation of duties — separating audit functions from administrator roles, with the ability to grant more granular access to endpoints for specific users or user groups.

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