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Oracle In The Oil & Gas Industry


Oracle In The Oil & Gas Industry

What Are the Benefits of Oracle In The Oil & Gas Industry?

SoftArt Solutions can help you evaluate your current operations and implement Oracle solutions. Find out more about the potential impact of Oracle in the oil & gas industry.

If you work in the U.S. Oil & Gas industry, there are many ways to benefit from Oracle solutions. SoftArt Solutions is an Oracle partner that can help you optimize your operations in the following areas:

There are unique pressures in this challenging industry, including cost pressures, safety and compliance, remote worksites, and challenging environments. Oracle solutions help you meet demands from regulators and the need for transparent operations.

Learn how Oracle In The Oil & Gas Industry can benefit your operations.

How Can Oracle ERP Cloud Impact Oil and Gas Companies?

You can transform production and exploration financing with Oracle ERP Cloud solutions. Add transparency to resources, project finances and expenses throughout a project. Integrated risk reporting helps you respond and remediate issues faster — in an industry where every second counts. Automatically create an audit trail of decisions and updates and coordinate multiple lines of business in a single platform. Plus, enjoy global support for international transactions with multiple currency recognition. Oracle EBS helps your team automate financial close processes and compliance requirements.

What Can Oracle EPM Cloud Do to Drive Predictable Results?

Take your solutions to the cloud with Oracle EMP Cloud, which has market-leading applications suited for oil exploration and production enterprises. Report results confidently with this reliable platform and share files, reports and data securely and seamlessly in the cloud.

Here are some of the benefits of implementing Oracle EPM Cloud:

  • Cuts down the time and cost of month-end close
  • Supports global assumptions specific to oil and gas operations
  • Makes it easy to review gross and net production profitability and expenses
  • Drill into line item details for PDP well cases and drill schedules
  • Tweak production volume drivers, leasing costs and capital expenditures
  • Review variances and trends for actuals/budget/ forecast and different time periods
  • Manage well-type curve profile

How Can Oracle Help You Manage Human Capital?

Oracle HCM attracts high-quality talent and keeps employees engaged. It also helps you, onboard new employees, efficiently. Use Oracle HCM to manage compensation, including payroll, time tracking and benefits. Oracle in the oil & gas industry facilitates standardized employee transfers and even improves satisfaction. Use the human capital module to track employee competencies so that you can assign resources based on their qualifications.

What Is Oracle Cloud Asset Lifecycle Management?

SoftArt Solutions can implement cloud solutions that help your company improve operational efficiencies and equipment utilization. This is achieved by comprehensive planning of assets, from implementation to maintenance to retirement. Here are some of the tasks included in this Oracle capability:

How Does Cloud Supply Chain Management Work?

Give your supply chain a competitive advantage. Oracle SCM has a range of capabilities that can modernize your supply, demand and product management.

  • Use material procurement to obtain competitive pricing
  • Effective Cloud Transportation and Logistics tools
  • Streamline your procurement process
  • Streamline trade networks with Oracle supply chain solutions
  • Global multimode routing capabilities
  • Improve reporting
  • Easy-to-use platform for transportation management
  • Reduce freight costs

Big Data in the Cloud

Combine data from anywhere to analyze oil and gas data and receive decision support through visual data exploration. Oracle optimizes drilling, reservoir characterization and production with improved data capture, analysis capabilities and better tactical, operational and strategic decisions.

SoftArt Solutions can help you evaluate your current operations, recommend Oracle modules to resolve some of your current data disconnects and pain points and also implement these solutions. Find out more about the profound impact of Oracle in the oil & gas industry.

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