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Optimize Your Oracle Technology


Optimize Your Oracle Technology

Use An Oracle Strategic Partner to Boost Your Business

Leverage complex Oracle projects and optimize your business outcomes with the help of a strategic Oracle technology solution partner such as SoftArt Solutions.

Your business relies on countless technical solutions — software, hardware, servers, specialized machines and tools — to get work done.

That means dealing with technical updates, modifications and issues that arise. It means making sure systems remain integrated once updates are made to one part of your technology solution. It means making sure that any customizations remain working once some component changes.

If your company relies on Oracle technology, you need a strategic partner that helps you at every stage, from selection and implementation to optimization and security.

What Can Oracle Partners Do for Our Business?

Imagine you use Oracle products in your business and your technical team comes across the following article about not using cylinder 0 of a disk to create raw partitions. It’s a complicated technical matter and the article warns about the dangers and confusion of attempting this work, using supplied manuals and third-party sources and the risks of not following the advice.

However, if your internal IT team is not up to speed on the technology, you can find your company spending lots of time and money to ensure that your procedures and technology are correct.

Instead, consider what having a partner that specializes in Oracle can offer. An Oracle strategic partner knows your business and your technology. By supplementing your internal IT team, a strategic partner understands your technology stack, the vendors you use and the technological changes necessary to keep your business running efficiently. You could pay for an outside technology engineer to wrestle your disk partition issue … or call on your virtual CIO partner to help.

What Are the Advantages of Using an Oracle Solutions Provider?

When you use an Oracle solutions provider, you engage with one third-party vendor to manage your technology with a customized solution designed to meet your business needs. It’s a one-stop technology provider focused on your business success. For example, at SoftArt, we offer several Oracle support packages related to upgrades, business continuity and disaster recovery, migrations and automation.

Here are some of the significant advantages of using an Oracle partner:

  • Expertise. Your partner has experience and knowledge working with local businesses like yours. Be sure to choose a partner with Oracle-certified engineers and advisors who know the software, infrastructure, hardware and systems needed to make your business operate efficiently. This expertise is helpful both in the long- and short-term.Your partner can help you map out a technology strategy that aligns with your business strategy, developing a budget to bring on technology solutions that help you achieve your goals. In the short run, when an issue arises with your technology, your partner can diagnose and resolve the issue quickly.
  • Expenses. Working with a strategic partner saves your business money in many ways. A predictable monthly fee helps you in budgeting and projecting IT costs. Besides, your partner enables you to reduce internal IT personnel costs and maintenance expenses by reducing the needs for data center space, utilities and power.
  • Vendor Management. Your partner can manage your vendor relationships, with Oracle and other providers, keeping track of licenses and warranties, making sure you do not incur unnecessary expenses. When patches or service packs are released, your partner can remotely update your devices. Your partner can also recommend software solutions that automatically update with new features, eliminating the need for device-by-device maintenance.
  • Compliance. Increasingly, companies are subject to compliance mandates regarding cybersecurity, data management and resale of information from states, provinces and regions. Your partner can recommend solutions that keep your company in compliance and ready for compliance audits.
  • Security. Data security is critical for every business today. Your partner can assess your existing cybersecurity solutions and recommend technologies that keep your data — including customer and employee information and intellectual property — safe.

Who Can Help Us With Oracle Solutions?

SoftArt specializes in Oracle solutions. Turn to SoftArt for Oracle E-Business Suite, GRC implementations, high-availability databases and Fusion Middleware solutions. To learn more, contact us today.

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