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Security Concerns for Oracle EBS and ERP Users


Security Concerns for Oracle EBS and ERP Users

How to Protect Your Organization From Oracle Security Issues

Look at how businesses use Oracle ERP and Oracle EBS. Learn about security concerns with these Oracle applications. Find out how an Oracle consulting firm can help. 

If you use Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), or other Oracle products, you need to consider the security issues related to these suites of applications.

Oracle security can be challenging, and to protect your business, you may want to work with an Oracle consulting firm that can provide the expertise your business needs. Some of the most critical issues around this technology include the following:

Looking at Oracle EBS

Oracle EBS contains a suite of tools that help businesses across multiple industries run countless aspects of their businesses. These applications include the following:

  • Oracle Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Oracle Financials
  • Oracle Human Resource Management System (HRMS)
  • Oracle Logistics
  • Oracle Supply Chain Applications
  • Oracle Order Management
  • Oracle Transportation Management
  • Oracle Warehouse Management System.

Similarly, Oracle ERP contains a suite of applications that also help businesses manage day-to-day activities such as accounting, project management, risk management, compliance issues, supply chains, and more. The ERP software helps companies plan, budget, and create reports on their financial situation.

Oracle also creates industry-specific solutions that can help create configured business processes.

Security Issues for On-Premises Oracle EBS

While many applications are moving to the cloud, Oracle has not prioritized that shift for its EBS applications. For businesses heavily invested in on-premise Oracle EBS, this decision is good news. You don’t have to worry about losing capabilities or changing processes. The company is committed to providing premium support through at least 2030.

In particular, manufacturing companies that use Oracle EBS and its manufacturing modules are not likely to access these programs through the cloud. Oracle does not yet offer software as a service (SaaS) for the manufacturing industry. As a result, these companies have to pay special attention to the risks and security issues related to on-premises applications.

If you are using Oracle applications that are integral to your business, you know how customizable and sophisticated these programs can be. And if they’re not functioning correctly, you may not be able to handle core business activities or workflows.

Protecting Yourself From Internal Fraud

In contrast, the Oracle ERP system is based in the cloud. By extension, businesses may need to adopt different security measures for these applications than they do for Oracle EBS.

On average, organizations lose 5% of their annual revenue to fraud, and a lot of that occurs internally. If you have your financials flowing through your ERP system, as many organizations do, you need to set up limited access for critical employees and lock your configuration settings. Then, you need to continuously monitor these settings to ensure your network is as safe as possible from both internal and external threats.

The Importance of Patching

Regardless of which Oracle solutions you’re using in your organization, you need to pay attention to the importance of patching. Patching finds vulnerabilities in your system and repairs them, helping to reduce the risk of attacks. Ideally, you should not wait for problems to surface before you start patching. Instead, you should consider automated patching.

The right Oracle applications can drive the success of your business by supporting core activities, streamlining workflows, and keeping data organized. Still, vulnerabilities can make you susceptible to attacks that may cost you money, compromise the productivity of your business, and wreak havoc on your reputation.

To ensure you’re making the most of your Oracle tools and to check on the security of your IT environment, contact us today. At SoftArt Solutions, we are a leading Oracle consulting firm based in New Jersey and servicing clients around the country. Whether you’re a big or small enterprise, if you use Oracle, we can help.

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