Global BFSI Company Case Study

Global BFSI Company


Global BFSI Company


CRM Migration from Oracle Legacy Systems to Microsoft Dynamics 365


A global BFSI company supports banks and financial institutions across India, Asia and North America. They offer digital platforms and solutions for business process solutions in Banking, Cards, Mortgage Lending, Title Tax & Settlement and>
Because of Oracle’s unorganized UI and due to less flexibility of dynamic fields, customizations, dashboards and dynamic reporting, they need a better CRM that can deal with data discrepancies, data management, communication, and collaboration challenges along with a central trackable dashboard, which are the core functionalities of Dynamics 365.


  • Manual tracking of revenue opportunities and existing CRM
  • Manual Efforts for Data Collection and Data Management
  • Manual Goal Management, Revenue Forecasting and Calculating
  • Commissions
  • Inefficient Sales Cycle
  • Complicated and hard-to-use UI of legacy CRM system


SoftArt suggested moving the CRM from Oracle to Microsoft Dynamics 365 to solve the challenges and boost overall productivity. We worked closely with the management teams to create a blueprint and smoother integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

We proposed and implemented:

  • Advanced modules with a much easier to use UI
  • Dashboard and reports, which helped the client track and manage opportunities and revenue
  • Automated sales pipeline reports, which previously took a week of manual work
  • Automated forecasting and goals management for each team

After the Dynamics 365 integration, management now has complete visibility of the sales cycle, team productivity, forecast revenues and goals with most of their processes automated. In addition, they are also able to access data analytics to find new opportunities.



Automated 72% of manual tasks

Streamlined team collaboration led to 64% boost in overall productivity

Project completed in a time period shorter than initial estimates: 90 Days