SAAB Inc Case Study





EBS & Database Upgrade


Saab Inc. is a 3.7 Billion-dollar aerospace and defense company, founded in 1937, now containing over 18,000 employees.
SAAB Inc.'s US operations were in need of upgrading their Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) to EBS R12.2 and their Database to Oracle 19c Database; SofArt made these transformations easier.


  • Running an older system: Oracle EBS 11.5.10
  • Facing disruptions
  • Compatibility issues
  • Lack of access to more recent Oracle Services and Solutions
  • An aging IT infrastructure


  • Considering SAAB's needs, SoftArt suggested the 'Fast-Paced Approach' method. In this method, Database and Technical EBS components are upgraded together, while the Functional Component is taken as a separate project. Only necessary Functional upgrades were made strategically so it would not disrupt business users.
  • Considering time constraints, an aggressive plan was implemented to upgrade SAAB's Oracle EBS 11.5.10 to R 12.2.9. As a part of the fast-paced approach, their database was also upgraded to Oracle 19c Database at the same time.
  • All the operations from SoftArt's team were conducted remotely and successfully without any issues.
  • Since SAAB's internal team did not have enough experience with R12 yet, SoftArt provided four weeks of Post-Production Support for modifications. SoftArt specifically focused on ORACLE Financials in the R 12.2.9 version of EBS, including Sub-Ledger Accounting and Accounts Payable, Oracle Projects, Time & Labor and Discrete Manufacturing.


Upgrade cutover in just one weekend

The time interval of 15 weeks with two iterations and production cutover

Project completed in a period shorter than initial estimates

Project Cost is 1/3rd of the industrial average cost