SoftArt Solutions Manages Public Utility Clients’ Oracle Migration

Migrating your systems, regardless of your organization’s size, is a major undertaking. Do you have the necessary expertise and experience to properly manage a migration?

One of SoftArt Solutions’ clients, operating in the public utility space, recently needed additional support with a major project.

The client wanted to migrate their data and applications from physical servers to virtual machines. Their physical servers were running on Solaris, and the new virtual machines would run Linux. Specifically, the new machines would be based on the industry-leading Red Hat Linux operating system.

They didn’t have the manpower internally to handle the project, and in their remote setting, they didn’t have access to onsite technical teams needed. Fortunately, they have been a client of SoftArt Solutions for some time, and our team has the skills and experience necessary to handle the project.

“We’ve had experience doing this type of migration before and the client trusted our expertise based on all the other projects that were successful,” said Chris Zicker, Director of Business Development & Sales for SoftArt Solutions.

How Did SoftArt Solutions Manage The Migration?

Any successful migration process takes careful planning in order to minimize the necessary downtime, as well as to mitigate any unforeseen issues. The SoftArt Solutions team planned for some time in advance to determine what it would take to migrate the client’s data and apps without any unnecessary delays.

“When you do multiple iterations, the first iteration is just how we get from point A to point Z,” said Chris. “Then it’s a timing run, how long does each patch and backup takes, in a real scenario, and then we know for a go-live weekend, that we need 20 hours of downtime”.

Over the course of those 20 hours, SoftArt Solutions’ team carefully executed the migration, including the following key steps:

Migration is a complicated process – in the course of general steps listed above, the SoftArt Solutions team had to execute a number of critical technical steps as well. From running patches to creating a working directory, there’s a lot involved in migration, and not a single step can be overlooked.

What Was The End Result?

Over the course of a single weekend, the SoftArt Solutions team successfully moved the clients’ data and applications to Oracle EBS 12c. This new platform offers best-in-class reliability and functionality, which will meet the clients’ needs until they begin their migration to the newer Oracle 19c for 2022.

In addition to this project, SoftArt Solutions delivers a range of ongoing managed Oracle support services. Our team provides database support, patching systems as need be, converting other data from different platforms to Oracle EBS, and whatever other Oracle-based tasks the client may have.

If you’re looking for Oracle expertise, whether for a migration like this, or general Database Administration, SoftArt Solutions is here to help.