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Top 5 Reasons Your Organization Should Migrate to Oracle Cloud


Top 5 Reasons Your Organization Should Migrate to Oracle Cloud

Migrate to Oracle Cloud

The Cloud continues to be a game-changer for businesses in all industries and of all shapes and sizes. The reality is, businesses who still haven’t migrated to the Cloud run the risk of falling behind the pack. But Cloud migration can seem like a huge undertaking, especially for business leaders who are already stretched thin trying to capitalize on growth opportunities.  So, we’re on a mission to explain benefits of Cloud migration and why Oracle Cloud solutions are the best choice for businesses.

Why Cloud Migration Makes Business Sense

More and more businesses are migrating to their business IT infrastructure to the Cloud and we can’t blame them. The Cloud offers huge business benefits for organizations in every industry. When businesses migrate to the Cloud they open-up an entire new world of possibilities. From increased remote working capabilities, to improved scalability potential – the Cloud helps business leaders stay competitive and profitable.

So why are some businesses still hesitant to make the migration to the Cloud? The reality is, for business teams that are already stretched thin, coming up with a streamlined plan for migrating business IT to the Cloud with little to no disruption is a challenge. Also, with so many Cloud solutions on the market, it can be difficult for business leaders to know which option is worth the investment. That’s why we’ve decided to create this guide. Our team of IT professionals recommends Oracle Cloud solutions above all others – read on to find out why.

The Top 5 Reasons Oracle Cloud Is the Best Choice for Businesses

As mentioned, the business technology market is saturated with countless Cloud solutions designed specifically to help organizations like yours work smarter not harder. Every solution promises the latest and greatest in Cloud technology, but we warn business leaders all the time – don’t believe the hype. The right Cloud solution provider will offer a straight-forward understanding of exactly how your business will benefit.

That’s why we recommend Oracle Cloud to every organization we work with. Oracle’s approach to Cloud technology is simple: no-nonsense, easy to deploy solutions that are designed for streamlined management and long-term optimization and scalability potential. No over-the-top promises – just straightforward, forward-thinking, and business-oriented solutions. Check out what we’re talking about below.

Here are the top reasons Oracle Cloud is the right choice for your organization:

  1. Cost Reduction

Cloud solutions, in general, offer huge cost-saving potential. Though your organization will have to pay a monthly subscription price, you’ll automatically be working with a new and innovative infrastructure that is designed to drive maximum cost-efficiency and reduced hardware costs.

Oracle Cloud is the best choice in terms of cost-efficiency because the platform allows you to migrate all your business apps and business software seamlessly. This drives cost efficiency in two ways. First, your organization saves on training costs. There’s no need to retrain your entire team on new software infrastructure, because they’re able to continue using the same apps they’re used to. Also, by migrating all your existing business apps to the Oracle Cloud, you’ll save money by avoiding the downtime that usually comes with Cloud migration.

  1. Improved Performance

Streamlining operational performance is a promise that most Cloud providers make. A huge benefit of Cloud technology in general is that it is rooted in streamlined automation. This means your team can say goodbye to tedious clicking and redundant operational processes.

However, Oracle takes streamlined performance a step further. Oracle Cloud will lighten the click-load for your team and will automate processes seamlessly. But Oracle goes further to provide a fully-streamlined business performance through a shared infrastructure. Oracle’s Cloud infrastructure helps your entire business operate smoother and faster. It also positions you for seamless adaption to changing computing demands.

  1. Growth Potential & Scalability

The great thing about Cloud technology is that it better positions businesses and organizations for dynamic growth. As your business grows, you need an IT infrastructure that is positioned to grow with you. Cloud solutions are designed with scalability in mind so that your business networking solutions can adapt easily as your business thrives.

Oracle Cloud is the perfect solution when it comes to growth potential and scalability. Oracle is designed for seamless scalability meaning you can scale up when business is hot and scale back during slow seasons or when jobs are completed. Oracle Cloud is also perfectly positioned to allow your organization to create business-focused apps and take advantage of IoT technology, meaning your business will always remain on the cutting edge.

  1. Streamlined Simplicity

The fact of the matter is, when it comes to business IT, simplicity is the hugest driver of cost and time savings. When your team has access to simple and functional IT solutions, productivity and efficiency soar. Cloud solutions are designed to drive optimal and streamlined simplicity for business teams.

When it comes to simplicity in the Cloud, Oracle is the industry leader by far. From migration to ongoing optimization, Oracle Cloud is designed to offer users a fully-streamlined and simplified experience. From the migration of existing business apps to setting up strategic analytics – with Oracle, simplicity is the name of the game. 

  1. Forward-Thinking Innovation

The fact of the matter is, without staying on the cutting edge of technology, businesses and organizations in all industries, run the risk of falling behind the pack. Cloud solutions are one of the easiest ways for businesses to take advantage of IT innovation while still maintaining a user-focused experience.

Oracle Cloud is the best option when it comes to combining cutting-edge innovation and user-centric simplicity. Oracle Cloud positions your organization to stay up-to-date and future-proofed. Between options for developing business apps, tools for compiling strategic analytics, and scalable solutions for adapting to market conditions, Oracle Cloud helps you make sure you’re never falling behind the pack.

Optimizing Oracle Cloud: The Case for Hiring a Cloud Optimization Partner

Now that we’ve covered the strategic business benefits of Oracle Cloud technology, you’re probably wondering how your organization can go about making the migration efficiently. The biggest piece of advice we can give is to search for a team of IT professionals that are skilled in Cloud migrations – specifically of the Oracle variety.

A reliable IT services provider will be able to help you deploy your Oracle Cloud migration with little to no disruption. They’ll support you from start to finish and will be able to handle everything from providing initial consultation to offering long-term Oracle support and optimization services.

Here’s how a strategic Cloud partner can help you optimize your Oracle migration:

  1. Full migration support, from start-to-finish – From consultation to strategic deployment, the right managed IT service provider will take the stress out of Cloud migration and minimize downtime and disruption.
  1. Strategic Oracle optimization – The right Oracle support partner will have a detailed plan for positioning your Cloud solutions strategically, in a way that optimizes your unique operational processes.
  1. Forward-thinking scalability – By working with a team of Cloud professionals, you can rest assured that your organization will have scalable and adaptable Oracle solutions in place. Your infrastructure will be positioned to grow alongside your business. 
  2. Ongoing long-term support services – Finally, the right Oracle Cloud support provider will be ready and willing to offer long-term support services, meaning you and your team will always have strategic experts in your corner.

If you’re looking for an IT services provider that can help provide all the strategic business benefits listed in this guide, don’t hesitate to start your search by reaching out to SoftArt Solutions. Our team of professionals have immense experience deploying Oracle Cloud solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Don’t take on Cloud migration alone – but don’t let the thought of taking the plunge overwhelm you either. If you think Oracle Cloud solutions are the right fit for your business, don’t waste another moment just thinking about it. Reach out to the team of professionals at Softart Solutions at 1-866-477-4435. We’re on standby to optimize your Oracle Cloud migration.

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