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What Is the Oracle EBS Cloud Service?


What Is the Oracle EBS Cloud Service?

Advantages of Oracle EBS Cloud Service

SoftArt Solutions is positioned to quickly evaluate your current environment, deploy the Oracle EBS cloud solution and migrate your data to Oracle secure cloud-based backbone.  

Oracle EBS is a second-generation cloud service that provides infrastructure and platform as a service. The company has the only self-driving autonomous database in the world.

Oracle EBS cloud services include:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS),
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Data as a Service (DaaS)

These services help companies build and deploy cloud applications. The platform itself is robust and allows a number of open standards, including HTML5, SQL, and REST, as well as open-source solutions, like Hadoop, Kafka and Kubernetes. In general, Oracle EBS continues to work with open-source and third-party software and systems

What’s the Oracle EBS Backbone?

Oracle manages a network of data centers to support Oracle EBS in the cloud. It uses Oracle Cloud services for its servers, cloud applications and data storage offerings. Built on 25Gb Ethernet, no node in the network is separated from the system by more than one hop. This results in a flexible, reliable service level agreement (SLA) for its customers.

What Are the Advantages of cloud-based Oracle EBS?

SoftArt Solutions helps its clients enjoy the advantages of Oracle EBS in the cloud. These advantages include:

  • Complete solutions to simplify your architecture. Oracle is the dominant SaaS provider with a long history of solving enterprise resource planning (ERP) needs. It occupies a significant footprint in customer experience (CX), supply chain management (SCM), and enterprise performance management (EPM). Oracle EBS integrates seamlessly with on-premises technologies to improve operational efficiencies.
  • Open-sourcing and other innovations to keep the platform flexible and accessible have resulted in the company’s dominance in the industry. Oracle’s inclusive approach allows its partners to execute solutions that work for their unique needs, without sacrificing vendor support.
  • A secure approach accounts for its late entry into the cloud. Embedded security at each layer of the cloud safeguards clients from breach vulnerabilities. Safeguard your company against cyberattacks by taking advantage of Oracle EBS’s machine learning.
  • Choice is still the hallmark of the ERP’s appeal to new and existing clients. Oracle cloud-based solutions continue to provide a multitude of in-house and vendor-supplied solutions for your everyday challenges and major roadblocks. Your company can deploy and manage applications on public or private clouds, depending on where your comfort level is and what compliance
  • Future-ready. Oracle EBS has introduced the first self-driving database and now is a great time to move your integrated back-office and operational tools to the cloud.
  • Intelligent. Oracle Analytics Cloud is a collection of driver-based analytics in the cloud. You can accomplish everything from data governance, analysis and reporting to machine learning-based management and deployment.

Why Choose SoftArt?

Now that Oracle EBS has migrated to the cloud, it can give competitors such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS a run for their money. When you begin to move your Oracle data and software applications to the cloud, make sure your vendor installs Pro Oracle; SoftArt Solutions is positioned to quickly evaluate your current environment, deploy the cloud solution and migrate your data to Oracle secure cloud-based backbone.

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