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The Power of Oracle In The Manufacturing Industry


The Power of Oracle In The Manufacturing Industry

How Does Oracle In The Manufacturing Industry Benefit Your Company?

SoftArt Solutions specializes in implement Oracle in the manufacturing industry. Contact us today for an initial assessment of your environment and advice on how you can use Oracle to your advantage.  

Industry 4.0 is a buzzword that encompasses the latest trends in manufacturing. The industry is absorbing digital technologies, such as big data, IoT and hyperconnectivity.

This cyber revolution enables businesses to run their operations safely and securely. Oracle is incorporating Industry 4.0 transformation in its tools for inventory, facilities and production, and has dubbed these changes Business 4.0.

How Can Your Business Use Oracle Industrial Manufacturing Solutions?

You can transform the future of your manufacturing company with Oracle’s scalable cloud solutions. This resource supports Business 4.0 trends, such as:

  • Connected Digital Innovation
  • Smart Manufacturing and Warehouse
  • Digital Field Service
  • Digital Logistics
  • Deliver Anything-as-a-Service
  • Integrated Business Planning
  • Supply Chain with Intelligent Tracking

A smart factory has automated monitoring of its manufacturing processes. These systems can make some decisions without human intervention. Based on the types of errors, the software prevents costly production mistakes, adjusts the supply chain for greater efficiency and improves quality control. Connected via the internet of things, smart components gather lots of real-time data and facilitate decision-making for human operators. These systems solve complex problems and complete tasks too dangerous or complicated for people.

Two concepts have been integral to this process, the digital twin and digital thread.

What Are the Digital Twin and Digital Thread?

digital twin is a replica, created in cyberspace, that mimics a living or non-living being or situation. It connects the physical and digital worlds and transmits data to the virtual entity to test scenarios safely, cheaply and repeatedly.

digital thread is a communication technique allowing connected data flow and a holistic view of an asset’s data over its lifecycle. The digital thread makes it easy to deliver the right information at the right time in the right place. According to Oracle,

“By connecting devices with manufacturing processes, Oracle’s Smart Connected Factory solution helps industrial manufacturers better predict and resolve maintenance requirements, correlate quality issues to machine and environmental factors, reduce downtime, and improve quality.”

How Do These Concepts Fast Track Innovation?

The digital thread and digital twin provide insight that lets decision-makers in industrial manufacturing make more accurate decisions.

To build a smart connected factory, you need a platform such as Oracle in the manufacturing industry that can track product lifecycles from design to obsolescence.

This enables you to put the right products on the market at the ideal time, which keeps customers happy.

What Are the Advantages of Oracle in the Manufacturing Industry?

Oracle’s wide array of industry solutions help you bring your industrial manufacturing operation into the digital age. The company’s modern cloud platform combines social collaboration, SaaS applications with IoT, mobile cloud services and streamlined operations.

Let’s look at how this can work for your business:

  • Digital Innovation to Launch uses a digital thread to trace the product’s lifecycle. This innovation cycle incorporates user feedback, quality data, value chain collaboration and IoT-enabled usage analysis.
  • Digital Supply Chain updates our supply chain processes to meet your requirements. This aligns business strategy and supply chain execution metrics, which results in more accurate business planning, and leverages innovative blockchain capabilities.
  • Connected Smart Factory predicts and resolves maintenance and performance alerts. A connected factory correlates machine issues with environmental factors, which can improve quality.
  • Connected Digital Service lets you dig into insights that are passed along through connected devices. This increases visibility and helps to prevent and predict maintenance issues.

SoftArt Solutions, a leading Oracle partner, provides Oracle consulting services for its clients across the United States. SoftArt Solutions specializes in implement Oracle in the manufacturing industryContact us today for an initial assessment of your environment and advice on how you can use Oracle to your advantage.

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