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How Can You Ensure Your Oracle Security Isn’t Compromised?


How Can You Ensure Your Oracle Security Isn’t Compromised?

Ensure Your Oracle Security Isn’t Compromised

Contact SoftArt Solutions today to discuss how to tighten up security for your Oracle Database and other systems essential to your financial services company.  

Oracle empowers financial services organizations such as corporate banking, retail banking, and the insurance industry by providing analytical tools for business operations and regulatory compliance. However, you may be wondering how secure your data is. SoftArt Solutions is a trusted Oracle partner, and we can help you ensure that your Oracle Database and network safeguards are protecting your sensitive data. This article covers areas to pay the most attention to and Oracle Database security options that are important for financial services firms.

What Security Measures Are Most Crucial for Financial Services?

Financial services industries collect and contain a lot of personal information from clients and sensitive company data. To protect customers and your organization, ensure that your managed service provider is taking these essential security steps:

  • Audit database users regularly
  • Use layered authentication methodology
  • Control privileges and rules closely
  • Establish strict data access control.
  • Encrypt your data.
  • Monitor database activities
  • Enable application security

How Can You Use Oracle Database Security Tools Effectively?

To enhance Oracle SQL security and reduce vulnerabilities, it’s important to stay on top of the activity on your database. SQL has native tools that can audit and track failed logins. This option is enabled with written scripts and exported records that can be viewed in Excel, which can be a time-consuming task. There’s a better way to do this.

If your budget constraints aren’t too tight, you can invest in Oracle database security options such as Oracle Audit Vault or Advanced Security. These tools do not deliver security solutions for your entire IT environment. Oracle Audit Vault gathers audit details from remote databases but doesn’t show you a unified trail of security-related activity. If an attacker attempts to compromise other systems, it’s not as transparent. Advanced Security encrypts your data but doesn’t cover every aspect of cybersecurity needed to protect your network.

How Can SoftArt Solutions Help Protect Your Critical Systems?

A comprehensive security solution covers many bases. SoftArt Solutions implements security tools that detect suspicious activity and also simplify your cybersecurity strategy at an affordable cost.

SoftArt Solutions consultants can optimize the Oracle environment and IT Infrastructure at your financial services company. Let us supervise activity across Oracle database and every other system that touches your network. This is important because attacks can come from any direction. For example, a hacker might first gain access to the network, sneak into your database, and take over your system passwords so that you can be locked out of your network.

To prevent this, SoftArt Solutions engineers monitor your systems and keep you up to date on unauthorized access attempts. We can provide a comprehensive look at suspicious logins, changes in permissions to data or database objects another unusual activity that suggests you need to harden your data security.

Reach SoftArt Solutions today to discuss how to tighten up security for your Oracle Database and other systems essential to your financial services company.

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