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NetSuite’s AI Expansion: Simplifying Business Operations with Generative AI and Advanced Analytics


NetSuite’s AI Expansion: Simplifying Business Operations with Generative AI and Advanced Analytics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping how businesses operate by automating complex tasks, improving data analysis, and enhancing decision-making. Oracle NetSuite is incorporating AI to help businesses operate more efficiently. The latest AI enhancements in Oracle NetSuite, such as the Text Enhance feature and the NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Multi-Instance Connector, are perfect examples of how AI can streamline operations and provide deep insights from large volumes of data. These tools are not just enhancements – they are game-changers that can redefine how businesses operate, analyze, and grow.

How? Let’s understand.

Expanding Oracle NetSuite’s Generative AI Capabilities

Oracle NetSuite is enhancing its suite of business tools with advanced generative artificial intelligence capabilities tailored to streamline and optimize business operations.

What are these new features? Let’s check them out:

Automating Document Analysis with Text Enhance

Text Enhance uses generative AI to automatically analyze documents, extract meaningful data, and even generate content, significantly reducing the time and effort traditionally required for these tasks. For example, it can quickly interpret lengthy contract documents, extract critical clauses, and summarize their contents in minutes – a task that could otherwise take hours if done manually.

Customizable AI Models

What makes NetSuite’s AI beneficial is its adaptability. Businesses can customize the AI models according to their specific needs, ensuring that the AI performs optimally for the tasks it is assigned. Whether it is generating financial reports, managing email communications, or creating marketing content, these AI models can be tailored to handle a variety of text-based operations with precision and efficiency.

Ensuring Data Privacy and Security

Oracle NetSuite places a strong focus on privacy and security, which is mainly important when implementing AI. The generative AI services are built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, which is known for its robust security measures. This setup ensures that no customer data is shared with external parties or other customers. Businesses can use these AI tools with the assurance that their data is protected against unauthorized access and breaches.

NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Multi-Instance Connector

Oracle NetSuite’s launch of the NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Multi-Instance Connector is a significant step forward in data management and analytics. This feature allows businesses to consolidate data from multiple NetSuite instances into a single, centralized analytics warehouse.

Simplifying Data Consolidation

The Multi-Instance Connector simplifies the complex process of managing multiple data sets spread across different business units or geographical locations. By bringing all data into one place, it eliminates the barriers that typically classify data, such as different system formats or inconsistent data handling methods.

Streamlining Operations

With this connector, businesses can streamline their operations by having a unified data repository. This centralization makes it easier to maintain and update data, ensuring that all departments of the business are working with the most current and accurate information. It also reduces the IT burden associated with managing multiple data systems, allowing more resources to be focused on analysis and interpretation rather than data maintenance.

benefits of the multi instance connector

Benefits of the Multi-Instance Connector

Evan Goldberg, the founder and EVP of Oracle NetSuite, pointed out the difficulties that private equity firms, holding companies, and franchisors face in consolidating data and gaining valuable insights from their multiple business ventures. Traditional methods are not only slow and prone to errors but also costly. However, the new NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Multi-Instance Connector allows for efficient centralization of data.

Hosted on Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, the NetSuite Analytics Warehouse is the first and only AI-driven, prebuilt cloud data warehouse and analytics solution designed specifically for NetSuite users. This innovative solution brings several advantages to organizations:

Reducing Costs: Consolidating data into a single analytics warehouse significantly cuts down on the costs associated with managing multiple storage solutions and data systems. Businesses save on both the physical infrastructure and the workforce needed to run fragmented data systems, lowering overall operational expenses.

Expanding Insights: When data from various sources is combined, it provides a more comprehensive view of the business’s operations and performance. This holistic approach to data analysis helps uncover deeper insights that might not be apparent when data is segmented. For instance, trends and patterns that affect the entire organization can be analyzed and understood, leading to more informed strategic decisions.

Enhancing Decision-Making: With a consolidated view of data, decision-makers have access to extensive, actionable information that supports better business judgments. The improved data visibility allows for quicker response times to market changes and more accurate forecasting. This responsiveness is important for maintaining competitive advantage and adapting to new business challenges effectively.

Transform Your Business with Oracle NetSuite and SoftArt Expertise

By integrating these advanced AI features, Oracle NetSuite not only simplifies complex tasks but also provides businesses with powerful tools to increase efficiency and accuracy in their operations. Partnering with SoftArt ensures that you have the guidance and support needed to transform these technological potentials into tangible successes. SoftArt helps smooth Oracle NetSuite integration with your business, including NetSuite Accounting Software. Trust SoftArt to help you navigate this new era of business technology and achieve outstanding results.


What challenges does the NetSuite Analytics Warehouse Multi-Instance Connector address?

Ans. It tackles the difficulties of consolidating data and extracting meaningful insights from multiple business portfolios, simplifying these processes significantly.

How does the Multi-Instance Connector improve data management?

Ans. It enables organizations to seamlessly combine data from different sources into one central system, enhancing data management and accessibility.

What makes NetSuite Analytics Warehouse unique?

Ans. It is the industry’s first AI-enabled, prebuilt cloud data warehouse and analytics solution designed specifically to integrate with NetSuite, offering tailored analytics capabilities.

What are the benefits of using Oracle’s AI and analytics tools in NetSuite?

Ans. They allow users to quickly identify patterns and gain deep insights across business portfolios, which can accelerate growth and improve decision-making.

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