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Get the complete power of your Oracle Cloud ERP with our specialized support and customization services. Our proficient team is dedicated to guaranteeing uninterrupted operations, flawless integration, and optimal performance, empowering you to maximize the benefits of your Oracle Cloud ERP system.

Benefits of Oracle Cloud ERP
Support & Customization Services

Once you have the Oracle Cloud ERP, you need support to ensure its seamless functioning and customization to change it according to your changing requirements.

  • Customization services align Oracle Cloud ERP precisely with your business needs.
  • Dedicated teams offer round-the-clock assistance for prompt issue resolution.
  • Expertise ensures smooth incorporation with existing systems.
  • Ongoing fine-tuning enhances ERP efficiency.
  • Customizations adapt ERP to evolving business requirements.
  • Tailored support optimizes resource usage, reducing operational costs.
Suite of Services

Platform Customization Features

Custom Entities

Ability to create tailored data entities specific to your business needs.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to existing entities for storing unique data.


Design automated workflows to streamline and manage business processes.

Business Rules

Implement logic without code to enforce and automate actions based on defined conditions.

Custom Forms

Design and modify forms to capture and display data in a way that suits your business requirements.

Views and Dashboards

Create personalized views and dashboards to visualize and analyze data efficiently.


Extend platform functionality by integrating custom code seamlessly.

Web Resources

Utilize web resources like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to customize user interface elements and behavior.

Flexible Customization for Administrators and Business Users

Our customization services within Oracle Cloud ERP focus on simplicity, empowering administrators and business users to easily tailor the system. Intuitive interfaces and drag-and-drop tools make customization of reports, dashboards, and workflows effortless, eliminating the need for intricate coding skills. This flexibility enables your team to make real-time adjustments, ensuring your ERP system evolves with your business needs, fostering sustainable growth and success.

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Frequently asked questions

Oracle Cloud ERP implementation typically involves several stages. It starts with planning and scoping, followed by configuration, data migration, testing, and finally, the actual deployment.

Oracle prioritizes security within its Cloud ERP offering. The system employs robust security measures, including encryption, access controls, regular security updates, and compliance with industry standards such as GDPR and SOC 1/2.

Yes, Oracle Cloud ERP offers a considerable degree of customization. Users can tailor workflows, reports, dashboards, and forms to suit their specific requirements without extensive coding knowledge.

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