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SAP Oracle Database Administration Services

Most small and medium sized businesses share the challenge of hiring, and more importantly, retaining competent database administrators (DBAs). With SoftArt’s expert Remote Oracle database administration services, you can be assured of your database being supported without any disruption.

Our remote SAP Oracle database administration services offer affordable and reliable SAP support executed by our team of dedicated and highly experienced SAP Professionals. With our flexible pricing and delivery model, SoftArt offers you the ability to pay only for the support level you need, while giving you the added flexibility to scale when needed.Is your in-house administrator staff spreading itself to thin with all of the Apps DBA activities, while covering multiple time zones, eternal patching, 24 hour availability, and multiple-instance maintenance? We can work with your team to share or completely outsource all of the work related to the Oracle Applications administration activity, including 24-hour monitoring.

Our thorough understanding of SAP Applications, along with our methodology developed over many years of consulting, makes execution of these activities extremely efficient and cost effective for our clients. Add to this a blend of on-site and offshore development and the cost structure becomes even more attractive. Our database administration managed service packages include following components:

  • Remote Windows and Linux Administration on Servers
  • Remote SAP Database Administration
  • Remote Apps DBA Support
We deliver proactive maintenance services - logging on to customers' systems daily for a "hands-on' check of your environment, ensuring system integrity and availability. Our reliable monitoring process determines the overall health of your IT environment. This helps us to determine strategies to stabilize and optimize your hardware and software, thus resulting in a remediation/optimization plan. This can range from project-based consulting to complete maintenance, based on customer needs and budget.


The following are just a few of the benefits with SoftArt to managing your SAP & Infrastructure:
  • Predictable and nominal monthly costs
  • Seasoned experts managing your SAP systems, offering the highest level of SAP database support
  • Dedicated DBAs familiar with your system
  • Use of SoftArt’s monitoring and alert notification tools
  • Proactive monitoring leading to less downtime
  • Quick resolution of any problems that do occur
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and management of environment
  • Timely system and software updates and upgrades
  • Customized services for your special projects
  • Backup and overflow support for your DBA team
  • Safety net for your end users
SoftArt's DBA team specializes in the following services:
  • Applications Installation
  • Development, QA/Test Instances
  • Production Environment with integrated HA solution like RAC, DG
  • Instance Upgrades
  • Cloning
  • Patching
  • Performance Tuning
  • High-Availability Solutions
  • Maintenance Support
  • Back-up and Recovery Services
  • Space Management and Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting
If you need an experienced, cost-effective, 24x7 Apps SAP Oracle database administration team, then partnering with SoftArt is the answer for you. The SoftArt’s Apps DBA team assigned to you will perform any and all of the tasks that an on-staff Apps DBA would. Whether taking over the entire Apps DBA function, or supplementing your existing in-house Apps DBAs, we spare no effort in understanding your environments and working as part of the team.